George E.     Administrator

Americare Home Health

"The prices they gave us were the lowest of all of the vendors. CPF had closely worked with us without pressuring or over selling. I also appreciated the follow up calls post deployment and would highly recommend them to future prospects."

Charles A., MBA, CHPCA

Chief Operating Officer

We have received SUPERB support from CPF.   Our organization entered into a relationship with CPF during the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Record and that relationship has remained extremely strong in the years that have followed.  I cannot speak highly enough about the top notch support and customer care that is given by everyone at CPF.  

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John Frenzel

Dir of Information Technology

CP&F is a new company we have begun dealing with. Under a very limited timeline I was implementing a new POC application for our agency. In under 3 weeks’ time I was able to place an order for 60 mobile devices, receive shipment of a couple for configuration, return them to make a master image to load for me across the devices and I took possession of them fully configured and street ready. Not a small achievement by any means. They took a major piece of my workload off my hands and completed the task with time to spare. I cannot recommend them more highly. Their follow up support has also been top notch and their pricing very competitive.