Payment Options

Open Account, NET Terms


If you are an established business with a good credit history, we would be happy to set-up an open account to transact business.  Our standard terms are Net 20 Days.


All open accounts are insured by our credit underwriters (Coface), who make all credit decisions, and establish credit line maximums.


Leasing Options


Leasing equipment is fast and affordable. There are two basic types of business leases, Fair Market Value (FMV) and $1 Buy-outs.  FMV leases are based upon what the approximate value of the equipment will be at the end of the term, when the items are returned.  $1 Buy-out leases allow you to acquire your equipment for $1 at the end of the term.  Please consult an accountant for tax benefits.


Typical terms are 24, 36, and 48 months.


Did you know?

A $1000 device leased for 36 months can cost less than $1/Day.  Get the power and the quality your people need to provide premium care.​


Example:  A $10,000.00 FMV lease for 36 months is roughly $295/month

(Disclaimer:  Rates and credit ratings vary.  The above example is for general discussion only)

Note:  Please use this calculator for budgeting purposes only.

Credit Cards


We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, and DISCOVER Credit Cards.  All security information must be supplied.

Purchases made by credit card must ship to the address associated with the card.



We also accept pre-payment by company check, certified check, and wire transfer.